Self drafted leggings

Double brushed poly spandex, DBP, is my favourite fabric at the moment. It is stretchy, washes well and oh so soft. It is literally strokeable.

I managed to snag a couple of metres of navy from Girl Charlee UK during their 50% off sale before Christmas. Unfortunately this online store has now closed but DBP is still quite widely available, although less so in the UK. Any fabric with a bit of spandex should be fine.

Onto the leggings…

I’m actually wearing them right now. It is so weird to be enforced housebound especially with the sunshine but anything to help stop the spread of coronavirus is worth it. (And although the pictures are indoors and at a distance of 2m I guess, they were taken awhile ago before this all kicked off).

As mentioned in the above little infographic (lemme know what you think of this, it takes a little while!), the leggings are made from one pattern piece which is cut on folded fabric to create two legs.

There are 3 seams in total for construction plus a line or two of sewing to insert the waistband and hem the legs. Working with jersey can be a bit of a challenge but this is so easy!

I sewed them on a regular sewing machine using a zig zag stitch for the majority of the seams, a three step zig zag for the waistband and a straight stitch for hemming the legs.

My pattern was drafted using Winifred Aldrich’s Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear, 6th ed. There is a leggings block which you create using your own measurements by following basic instructions. Afterwards you have to add a seam allowance and then ta da! I highly recommend this book if you are looking to do any pattern making.

If you would rather head for a free pattern then check out:

Mood Society’s free Ixia Leggings Pattern which comes with a hack to make a mesh side panel too:

Also Sew So Easy has a tutorial on drafting your own leggings that you make like to check out:

I actually tried the above tutorial by Sew So Easy many years ago for my first knit project. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disaster all round but I blame that on my choice of far too drapey knit (as well as my enthusiasm not being matched by ability!).

Sew So Easy have so many other great free tutorials available. I just noticed a prom dress one…

If you want me to update this post with step by step photos of how to construct the leggings then please leave a comment and I will happily oblige when possible.

Where possible stay at home and stay safe,



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