Shauna Coatigan – Free Pattern Review + Picture Instructions

This is a project I have been wanting to make for ages!

A coatigan is a coat/cardigan hybrid. In my view it is a garment which is comfy and cosy like a cardigan but smart enough that it can be worn outside too.

I know August is not when you would usually be inspired to make a coat-like garment but this one had been in the pipeline too long (since Jan/Feb).

I came across the pattern when searching through Sew Magazine’s free patterns list (this is a pretty amazing resource – Sew Magazine Free Patterns).

Curious to see if this ‘one size fits all’ would turn out as pictured I checked out what other bloggers had been up to. I stumbled across Rumana from The Little Pomegranate’s take Shauna Coatigan by Rumana. I love her’s even more than the original! I definitely need to try it in a cosy grey knit next.

From my research I was pre-warned with the lack of clarity in the instructions for attaching the facing. Lo behold when I reached this step I got in a bit of a muddled mess that involved some unpicking and many attempts to lay out and re-pin on the floor/mannequin.

However, with some perseverance it worked out. In order to minimise confusion/avoid frustration for any other makers out there, I thought I would take some pictures of the process (scroll down).

First a quick summary of the pattern:


It’s free! (Sew Magazine does require you create a free account)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pattern Details

  • Shawl collar
  • Big pockets
  • Loose fitting shape

Fit and Fabric

This one size will apparently fit sizes 8-16. I made mine in a boiled wool rather than a bouclé. I had to curve the shoulder seams in slightly to avoid the excess bulging up above the shoulders. This may be avoided with a more stretchy knitted fabric/ different body shape!

The teal fabric was from online shop Pound Fabrics. It was advertised as a wool blend. It was £3pm so £9 for 3m plus postage. A good bargain! I don’t think it is still in stock but they are definitely worth checking out for good value fabric. I found the wool component of this fabric a bit itchy but over jumpers etc I think it will be fine.


There is nothing too difficult here in terms of construction, once you have got your head around it (other than that dreaded facing)! For some the pockets may be a first.


A high rating! One of those items that will be off the hanger many times especially in autumn.

Pictures to accompany instructions from Sew Magazine

Plus Bonus step!

Please note – step no. refers to step in Sew Magazine’s instruction booklet, which can be downloaded from their website (see above link).

3. Constructing pockets

4. Sewing sleeves on

5. Sewing front to back along sleeve

6. Attaching the under collar. Key point – the edges of the under collar align to the edges of the front coatigan pieces. It is the curved edge that matches to the raw edge of the coatigan.

This is where I went wrong the first time. If you look closely you can see the edges of the under collar don’t reach the centre front opening seams, although they should.
This is what it should look like!
Note: it is the curved edge of the under collar that joins to the raw edge of the coatigan pieces.
The edges of the under collar meet the front coatigan opening edges

7. Attaching the facing – note it is the curved part of the facings that align with the raw edge of neckline and front coatigan pieces. The “notch” shapes are not involved in this seam.

8. Sewing down the neck edge

Those “notches” mean you can fold under the middle bit to match the neckline seam and then sew in place (see bit between pins).

8. BONUS step! – add a hanging loop and personalised label!

What could be more useful than a hanging loop (for those of us who don’t always use coat hangers…)? Plus add a fun touch with your own personalised label. Want a tutorial for these? Let me know in the comments.

The pictures show you how! It involves enclosing the raw edges by a line of top-stitching and then a couple of rows sewing to secure it in.

Sew the label on, enveloping the edges of the loop in. For more label info scroll to the bottom!

Upgrading your coatigan, ideas:

  • create contrast fabric cuffs
  • Use a double sided fabric with fleece on one side
  • Try it in a different length
  • Add some oversized buttons

Oh and yes, I should have hand-stitched the hems…

I hope this tutorial will have inspired you to make your own coatigan!

If you found this helpful you may like to subscribe… it would make my day 🙂 and there is a free hoodie tutorial coming too soon

Who doesn’t love a free sewing tutorial?

When you’ve got an itch to stitch, there is no need to wait! Here are some other tutorials, that I’ve made from scratch.

Also if you fancy taking your me made garments a notch up, why not add a personalised label?!


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