La La top – free tutorial sew-along part 1

This top was born out of the desire to make something freehand (no sticky tape pdf jigsaws), quickly and well fitted, fuelled by the nervous energy that comes the evening before A-level results day (yup it only takes an evening!).

It features peep/key-hole sleeves which are fastened with wide ties. And they are built in so no fiddly sleeve insertion! It is patternless and created around the shape of a pre-owned fitted t-shirt.

Scroll down for an annotated illustration, more pics and instructions…

I’ve just got back from Soul Survivor Camp. It was super encouraging to be worshipping God with so many other young people (there were 10,000 in total with youth leaders!) and has motivated me to be more open about my faith.

Here I share a tutorial on making a jersey tie-sleeve top. Introducing the ‘La La top’….

As with any freehand pattern, it requires a little bit of adjustment (that’s how the keyhole part of the sleeves emerged above the tie, it was far too tight, ahem) but the satisfaction of the speed final item is well worth it.

Here’s a collection of pictures so you can see how mine turned out:

Ok, so here is how you can make one too!


  • 1-2m jersey fabric (mine used 1m since I could fit both top pieces on side by side, this depends on your fabric width and final top width)
  • Matching thread

Step 1- Cutting out the pieces freehand.

Not viewing well/want to save or print for later?

Part two – ‘Sewing La La’ will be released in a couple of days. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it (and to make me happy 🙂 )

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