Infinity Jersey Dress – Free Tutorial Review

The infinity dress is a quick sew that gives a versatile dress that can be wrapped in multiple ways to create many looks.

Mine cost £3 to make (new fabric)!! Find out where I bought the fabric online below.

The basic construction consists of a jersey circle skirt with two long overlapping strips of fabric sewn in the waistband at the front, that can twisted, folded and wound around to change the neckline and shape of the bodice of the dress.

For added modesty, you can additionally create a tube ‘bandeau’ which is worn underneath (seen above).

Try experimenting with wrapping and folding to create many styles – one shoulder, halter neck, sleeves, etc

How to make an infinity dress:

To create this dress we used the tutorial from Simply Sewing

The tutorial is well written and clear to follow. Plus it is super quick (an evening and quick finish in the morning as no hemming – wahoo!). It looked much better than I was expecting!

I made the dress with my sister who has minimal sewing experience and she found it quite simple with supervision. If you have never sewn with jersey please give this quick project a go!


My jersey fabric had a slight sheen and flowed beautifully partly due to it being lightweight. I purchased it through Pound Fabrics as part of the plain jersey mystery bundle. You receive 9m of fabric for £9. So technically 3m of the fabric only cost £3!! However, postage is quite expensive and in the bundle were two other colours of this same fabric in a sunshine yellow and dark green which I will find a bit harder to use. I have no idea if the bundles change with each purchase so it is definitely not guaranteed that you will get similar fabric to mine and also I have no affiliations with the company.

Further ideas/musings:

I considered using the design to create a prom dress/evening gown (by adding a gathered rectangular tube skirt in place of the circle skirt).

Many people use the infinity dress style for bridesmaids dresses as the sizing is not too difficult (due to the stretchy fabric) and the bridesmaids can style the dresses individually.

Please let me know what you make!


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