Hey there

I’m Sasha and I want to share my sewing journey with you to help you create a handmade wardrobe

I hope this blog will be fun to read and a source of inspiration and ideas. I will write about my projects but also create tutorials and review books and patterns with you.

I aim to enable people to make up-to-date clothes which become a wardrobe favourites. The ultimate goal being a handmade wardrobe.

Eventually I’d love to be able share free pdf patterns. People say dream big!

The good old basic presser foot has to be my top!

A little about myself….

Where the thread began:

I got my first sewing machine aged 10. It was a mini turquoise one from John Lewis. I was delighted and awed but equally put off by the complex threading and baffled by the bobbin. I mean there were two threads?!

After rereading the manual multiple times and enlisting a little help, I made my first dress. It was a shift in turquoise poplin (I imagine you are getting a colour theme) with bias bound neckline. And frankly it was not great. My brother even had the grace to call it a ‘maternity gown’.

Many reels of thread and a whole heap of fabric later I have now made a multitude of garments. One thing is noticeable – most of them I don’t wear. Among those that have actually made it off the hanger more than once include a fluffy onesie, navy fitted hoodie and jersey dress. I want to create a wearable handmade wardrobe.

And the thread’s still going strong:

Along my journey I’ve made countless mistakes, and will continue to. But I’ve had fun and I hope the journey has only really just begun. Join me for the next leg as we explore creation of clothes you and I will hopefully give pride of place in our everyday wardrobe.

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